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The typical colorful ribbons asking for the protection of Senhor do Bonfim at the entrance announce that you've arrived in Bahia and highlight the view of bucolic Fishermen's Shore, located across from the hotel's common area.

It is in this sunny setting, set to meticulous musical curation, that you can savor the best fusion cuisine of Bahian cooking and contemporary recipes. The seasonal menu is designed by experienced local cooks who awaken the senses of visitors with regional aromas and flavors, always using fresh ingredients from small-scale regional producers.

The Restaurant has an intimate atmosphere with its kitchen integrated with the other settings. It's possible to reserve a table there even if you aren't staying at the Hotel.


Breakfast 7am - 10:30am
Pool Menu 12pm - 3pm
Restaurant Menu 3pm - 10pm

Chef Ernando

"Thanks to my life history in the gastronomy, I keep learning every day and try to encourage other young people to do this kind of work"

Born in Itacaré, the son of a shellfish gatherer and fisherman, Ernando started working at a very young age to help his family, selling seafood and fish while he studied. In 2007, he started the culinary course in Itacaré and from then on, he was always willing to learn and take on more responsibilities that could make his dream of becoming a chef come true. He worked as sous chef at the Barracuda Hotel & Villas since the pre-opening and in 2023 he took over the kitchen of the Barracuda Boutique.